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Customer Comments

Our clients speak volumes!

We’re proud of our collection of distinguished domestic and international clients so we’ve listed just a few and some of their comments about our training.

CLIENTS – Just to name a few……

ADAT – Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies

BDCA – Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation

Bell Helicopters Textron   

Bombardier Aerospace 

Eurocopter Canada

K2B International – Singapore   

Royal Netherlands Airforce

SAS – Scandinavian Airline System

Nordmänner Marine Services

And they said…..

”Less than half way through my first day in class any remaining worries or concerns [about the value of this training] were quickly put to rest. I knew that I was at the right place doing the right thing! This course was worth every penny it cost. Wilson is a great teacher with a clear and detailed knowledge in the field of all things composite.”
- Erik Steinkey, Nordmänner Marine Services

”Thank you for the excellent Metal Bonding Course [RBMS 1] we attended. It has made us more aware of the small things that we were not doing correctly and they might only be small things, but let me tell you they have made huge differences to our production times. I would say that we have increased our efficiency 25% and have not scrapped a single part since attending the course in March 2008. So that’s 1 year of Maintenance without a single need to buy a replacement part. I would say my employers have more than saved the cost of training 10 fold!”
- Nicholas Campbell, Scandinavian Airline System

“Module 1 & 2 – these are definitely two courses that I strongly recommend to anyone. Those courses are worth their weight in Gold! The best courses that I have taken in a long time. An excellent choice!”
- Maurice Simoneau, Transport Canada – Airworthiness

“I am self-Employed in the Automobile Restoration business. This course gave me far more knowledge than I ever expected about Composites. Thank You! In the 10 days I spent with Wilson I feel I have learned more than my 10 years in my own business.”

- Gerard J. McAleney, Florida, USA

“Long-term, this course saved us potentially thousands of dollars in errors NOT made as we begin to work with composites. The combination of theory and hands-on lab work made for a full understanding of working with composites and an excitement of how much more there is to learn.”

- Todd & Jodi Geib, Sky Hawk Ventures