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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What makes ACT’s Training Courses unique in their field? 

A:  For the past seventeen years we have been refining our training course curriculum and instructional techniques to deliver the most comprehensive array of applied theory and “hands-on” exercises, instructed in the best possible time.

ACT’s courses traverse the boundaries of many different industries! From aero structures to musical instruments, boat building to Formula 1 auto racing, composites are used in nearly every aspect of consumer products…. the list is endless! ACT courses provide a trainee with the foundation knowledge & skill sets to perform in any one of these industries. ACT courses are backed up by industry and regulatory certificates.

Q:  How does having an ACT Training Certificate benefit an employer or employee?

A:   ACT has established an international reputation for the exceptional quality of our courses. For individuals taking any of our courses this provides proof to a potential employer that this person has been trained to the highest standards and has successfully demonstrated both knowledge and skills in composites technologies.

Companies can take advantage of marketing opportunities, by noting the certificates provided to their employees by ACT courses as a sign of professionalism and commitment to quality & safety standards within their organization. This puts you ahead of the competition.

Q:  In terms of obtaining training, what are the greatest challenges facing the composites industries?

A:  Making the initial investment in training is a difficult decision for either a company or an individual to make. It takes time away from one’s business and family and the commitment of a significant amount of money to be trained in this technology. But the investment in this training will be repaid many times over, as we have been informed of this time and time again from our clients.

Staying current with the rapid changes in new composite materials, applications and process developments presents a real challenge for composites training industries! We at ACT work tirelessly to keep our training courses up to date so you receive the most relevant and valuable information. When techniques/ theories in composites technologies are improved upon, those improvements will be reflected in our classrooms.