composite jet in sunset

Standards & Certificates

  1. Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace
    (formerly CAMC – Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council):  

On June 25th 1997, the CAMC Accreditation Board granted Renaissance Aeronautics Associates Inc. Accreditation No. CAMC-003, for the  Advanced Composites Training Repair Program, Modules 1 and 2, in accordance with the CAMC Module 11 – Aircraft Structural Repair Technician curriculum.

certificate - click for pdf version

With this approval, RAA became the first private training facility in Canada to hold both Transport Canada ATO Approval and CAMC / CCAA Accreditation, for our Advanced Composite Aircraft Structural Repair training courses.


  1. 2.     FAA – Federal Aviation Administration                    

As of September 17, 2008 RAA/ACT Training holds United States of America FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) acceptance on our Advanced Composites Training Courses.

These Inspection Authorization (IA) Refresher Training Courses are approved as meeting the requirements contained in FAR 65.93(A)(4). Inspection Authorization renewal, and are acceptable towards IA Renewal.


  1. 3.     CESSNA