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Autoclave - Autoclave Operations

This 4-day course will provide the trainee with the essential knowledge of autoclave processing methods and repair techniques for advanced composites structures.

Materials management, cure program development, and composites shop environmental requirements will be demonstrated. Trainees will also benefit from instruction by qualified autoclave operators and hands-on operation of a full sized production autoclave. This course will only be instructed at a customer’s location if the appropriate autoclave facilities are available.

Topics covered in this 4-day course include:

  • New trends in advanced composite materials
  • Resin / fiber systems, cores, and pre-preg materials
  • Health and safety issues
  • Vacuum bagging for autoclave applications
  • Basic laminate design for autoclaved structures
  • Autoclave design, operation and maintenance
  • Autoclave process control: cure cycle development and programming
  • Issues specific to standard air-pressurized and inert atmosphere autoclaves
  • Mold and tooling design for autoclave operations
  • Troubleshooting autoclave processes and molding problems


ACT’s Module 1, or equivalent industry experience and training is highly recommended.


FAA – Federal Aviation Administration acceptable towards Inspection Authorization IA Renewal Training

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