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CESSNA - Corvalis C-400 Composite Structural Repair

This course is specific to the Cessna Corvalis all-composite aircraft, providing a dynamic introduction to the composite structural repair procedures that may be used on the Cessna 300 (LC40-550FG), Cessna 350 (LC42-550FG), and Cessna 400 (LC41-550FG).

Designed for Cessna Field Service representatives and technicians working for Cessna Authorized Service Centers, this course examines Cessna specific repair procedures, processes and materials with a strong emphasis on understanding the use of the Field Structural Repair Manual and the Maintenance Manual – Chapter 51.

Intensive hands-on practical exercises culminating in the actual repair of a damaged Corvalis structure, makes this the must have” course for all personnel preparing to perform maintenance and repairs to the Cessna Corvalis.

Topics covered in this 5-day course include:

  • Applications of composite materials used in the Cessna 350 / 400 “Corvalis” structures and examination of the “Cessna Field Repair Process Flow”
  • A review of Cessna Approved methods for structural wet lay-up repairs for the Corvalis
  • Damage inspection procedures and mapping techniques to be used for gathering repair data for Cessna engineering
  • Hands-on damage repair of Corvalis components using Cessna Approved techniques for scarfing and laminate applications
  • Composites structures design, essential theory of structures design as used in the Corvalis
  • Hands-on assembly of glass and carbon fiber panels using the MGS 418 resin system and using vacuum bag techniques for repair


It is strongly recommended that all participants complete ACT’s Module 1 course which directly precedes the Corvalis course. Prior training in composite structural repair or a minimum of one year of experience in composite repairs should be considered as a minimum prerequisite.


FAA – Federal Aviation Administration acceptable towards Inspection Authorization IA Renewal Training

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